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Requirements of Getting a Building Permit
A work permit can be referred to as a is a formal paper document that written in agreement to authorize a certain type of work to take place. Before any construction work can get to start officially any building contractor and home owner need to have a building permit. Building permits are documents that make sure that all the conditions for any kind of construction work are met prior to the construction.
 A building permit will only be issued once you have met all the conditions required before the construction work starts. Today there are two ways that one can use to get their building permit. You can opt to do the application for the building permit or do it manually by doing paper work application. E permit is the other term that you can use to refer to the online building permit application. To be able to get this permit there are requirements that you have to fulfill. The requirements are as follows.
The number one most important requirement is the Rhode Island construction permits fee. Different regions all over the world have got different permit fee charges. You will pay this building permit fee to the government office or the agency that is issuing you with the permit. It often acts as revenue that the county government charges you for your construction works. You will have to know where and how you will pay the fee by conducting a research first. This will help you avoid conmen who work as brokers or agents in the construction business.
Before the permits Rhode Island is issued copies off design drawings are needed. The kind of design will affect very many things including the amount of fee that you will pay for the building permit.  The three copies needed are the site plan drawn on a scale of not less than one by five hundred, the floor plan drawn on not less than a scale of one by one hundred and the evaluations drawn on a minimum scale of one by one hundred. The design will include dimensions and frames. The building should have all the details of that building.
An energy report of the building will have to be provide. This energy report will have to adhere with the minimum standards of the energy regulations. The building has to be safe and energy effective. It has to contain a report on the minimum power consumption and the source of power. Also under the energy chapter is the building ventilation and air conditioning system. You also have to state the kind of materials you will use for building and the manpower you will need.  Lastly, the name of the owner of the building, contractor and the total cost.